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Convertible wind deflector testimonials

Hi, thank you for following up on our purchase. From my experience you run a first class operation. Service and cost can`t be better. Wish more companies would be like Love the Drive.

The product was for a gift. The person is very happy with her wind screen,by the way it was for her 75th birthday. She love`s to drive with the top down on her BMW.

Will never hesitate to recommend your company. Would like if you offered more after market products.

I love it, it is a must for every convertible.

Hi Mindy,

We absolutely love our wind deflector. It is amazing the difference it makes. We really can’t think of anything that can improve upon it from a functionality viewpoint. Thanks again for a great product,

Hi Mindy !

We are very happy with the wind deflector we purchased from “Love the Drive”. It meets our requirements and it fit our car fine. Service and delivery was great !


We love our wind deflector. It keeps the items in the back seat secure and eliminates the wrap around wind. We have recommended to two friends who have also bought them.


The Love the Drive wind deflector has enabled my wife and I to lower the effective temperature where we put up the top by 10 degrees. When I am alone the the difference is closer to 20 degrees. It has truly increased our appreciation for our convertible. The benefit of not having items blowing out of the back seat is also a significant benefit.


First of all, it was as easy to install as indicated in your video.

Second, and most important, it substantially improves the comfort level in the cabin when the top is down as well as extending “top-down” use by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius in the spring and again in the fall.

Completely satisfied with my purchase.


Hi Mindy

We have a 2008 BMW 128i convertible that we bought the wind deflector for,and have had the top down so many times this spring/summer because of the awesome weather we have had.

My wife and I have been on the freeway a few times,and at 110 KPH we only have a a bit of wind tickling the back of our head,and that is with the windows down,it has been such a great addition to our top-down driving pleasure.

Our older son and his wife had borrowed our convertible,and when returning it,he had taken the wind deflector out,folded it up and put it in the trunk,as they wanted to bring their 60 pound dog with them in the back seat of the car,so that is how easy it is to remove and fold away at a moments notice. Thanks,


it does the job and we are very happy with it… easy to remove and reinstall when backseat is needed… great product.. have recommended to many of our Mustang friends

Good morning, I have to say that your product is amazing. I had doubts before buying it but after trying it out – windows down, deflector down, deflector up, then windows up with deflector up. I have to say that I’m amazed of the difference. This is an excellent product and the shipping time was also good. Thank you!

We LOVE your wind deflector for our 2006 Mustang convertible

We haven’t taken it out of the car since I put it in.!

The unit is performing as expected and I am very pleased. I have recommended it to others both in our Camaro Club of Kansas City as well as others. Ken

I do love my windscreen for my 2003 Ford Thunderbird. I love the fact that I have raise or lower the convertible top without having to remove the windscreen, it is permanently in place at all times. Thanks for making such a great product.

We love, love our windscreen. We had a windscreen in our previously owned convertible and were hoping to find one to fit our Nissan Murano. The Nissan company did not have one for purchase and we are so happy we found your website. The screen is very effective, easy to install and remove. You have a great product!

Love the drive is really the feeling that we have since we purchased your wind deflector keep on the good work.

The deflector lives up to its advertising. We have a much more enjoyable topless drive. The deflector can stay attached to the car without interfering with either the soft or hard top on. And when we do take the deflector off the storage cover is greatly appreciated. Best of all, we think the deflector improves the looks of our T-Bird. We really do "Love the Drive!"

We LOVE our wind deflector and wish we bought it several years ago!! Makes the ride much more enjoyable with less wind – so warmer in the evenings and less noise! Plus makes me feel more secure about the items on the back seat!

Thanks! Helena.

Wind Deflector arrived on time. Definitely a must have accessory if you have a convertible. Your product stands above cheaper competitors: functional AND great design that coexists in harmony with my 2015 Mustang. Looks great!



I purchased last May a windscreen from you for my BMW 2005 325I Convertible and I just enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY ; it is very efficient and easy to install and uninstall when needed ; the pricing is attractive and it is a must for any convertible if one really wants to enjoy driving without the top ; I gave your address to at least 2 other owners of convertibles and I will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you so much

Best regards

Hi Mindy, I Installed the wind deflector as soon as I received it and only removed it once because a package was too big for the trunk! It was easy to remove and easy to replace. I find it does cut down on wind and noise quite effectively indeed. I would say it is a must for anyone with a convertible….

My wife and I have a 2014 Mustang convertible, and a few people at the local Mustang club suggested we add a wind deflector from We have just done so and I have to say this exceeded our expectations. Your promotions suggest it will extend the driving season – last night we took our first spin with this installed at a temperature around six degrees. And loved it – the deflector blocks the wind so well my wife commented that her hair doesn’t even blow around – and with the windows up the heater kept us quite comfortable.

Installation was exactly as promised, a few minutes with no difficulty whatever – just pops into place, attach a four straps and go. Twenty minutes is a generous estimate even including unpacking!

The deflector is fantastic, this is a fine quality product!

Thank you!

Linda & Steve

love it, my wife wont leave the garage unless its on and it only takes 30 seconds to put on, we have lots of people ask us about it and she always takes the lead on how great it is. – Luc

I initially made an email inquiry to Love the Drive with questions about pricing and delivery. The response I received was both prompt and friendly giving me a good feeling about the product right off the bat. After placing my order it was prepared and shipped in a timely manner as promised and received in two days at my door. Excellent job of packaging to ensure the product was not damaged in shipping. Not that this is a complex product but, the Installation of the windscreen was very simple and the installation instructions provided are very clear and concise. After using it on the highway, The windscreen lives up to all of my expectations both in appearance and function. Great product and Great Company to deal with. – Dennis R.

I am very impressed with this product! I easily installed the “Love The Drive” windscreen in my Lexus SC430. This is a great wind deflector,I can drive at or above hi-way speed and easily converse with my passenger or listen to my sterio at normal volume. My girlfriend does not have to worry about her hair being blown out of shape by the wind.With this unit I can even adjust the temperature to suit cooler or warmer weather conditions.The deflector protects items placed in the back seat as they do not get blown around. Before ordering this product I had called and asked Mindy a few questions about the unit. Mindy was very courteous and knowllageable. I ordered my unit with confidence. I am glad that I have this item. Great customer service!!!. – John T B.

I have had great experience with Love The Drive. I purchased a Windscreen for my Mustang Convertible and was extremely pleased with the product and customer service (friendly and knowledgeable). I can only say that if you own a CONVERTIBLE this is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT. Great quality and fit, and looks good on the car. Easy to install and remove (which I only do when I have passengers in back seat) and fits in the trunk of the car (and even has a storage cover) . The difference when it is on is like night and day; removes the turbulent wind (My wife’s long hair does not even get messed up on the way to work at highway speeds with the roof down). I certainly RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS AND PRODUCT, and do so regularly when I see other convertible drivers without one. I really do Love The Drive. – Keith B.

When I ordered a CDC light bar for my 2016 Mustang GT convertible, I knew I also had to have a wind deflector like I did in the 2010 I traded in. CDC was no longer making theirs, but they referred me to Love the Drive. I checked out and thought their deflector looked like a good product, so I ordered without doing any further research. Let me tell you, I couldn’t agree more with the 100% positive reviews here. Somehow when I ordered, I selected the screen for Mustangs without the bar and did not realize it until I attempted to install it and it did not fit. I contacted the company about it and Mindy helped me get the right part and return the incorrect one. Regardless of the ordering mistake, the quality of this deflector is far and above the one I had in my ’10 – from the materials to the design to the very smart attachment method, it’s a great product and we love it! – Thann E.

Great product as reasonable price and quality. Would highly recommend to other BMW enthusiasts over expensive OEM product. Excellent service and fast shipping. Owned a windscreen for over three years and works great! They even shipped a unexpected replacement part to make it work better even though I had no issues.
– Jeff L.

Without having read the BBB reviews, and doing any simple checks of my own. I made a purchase. What a smart boy was I. I sent an info request on a Sunday, which was answered that day. A few days later I placed an order over the phone. The product was shipped, tracked easily, and received on time. The model specific instructions were fabulous. It installed quite easily and tested the next day. It performs better than I would have expected and it certainly compliments the lines of my ’05 BMW M3 Convertible. Our top down season will be extended well beyond where it would have been without it. Love the Drive, I’d offer a triple thumbs up, but I only have two. Thanks! – Jeff N.

I have found LoveTheDrive to be a wonderful company to do business with. I ordered a wind deflector for my Toyota convertible and it arrived on time and in perfect condition. It is of very high quality and I could not be more satisfied. In addition,Mindy was very knowledgeable and helpful. – Thomas B.

The product is great, it totally cuts the wind inside the passenger copartment down. You can talk, listen to the radio and not get blown apart. Great product and super easy to use. Worth three times the price. – Mike O.

Dan, the owner of the company, personally flew down for the day , from Vanvouver to Winnipeg in order to custom fit his wind screen on my 2015 Mustang. Does ‘personal service’ get any better than that?! i’m very pleased with the company’s genuine focus on delivering top notch products and service. – Pierre M.

I purchased a wind blocker for my 2002 Ford Thunderbird from Love the Drive and LOVE it. The installation was well documented and straightforward. When my car wash crew accidently broke the strap holder Love the Drive promptly shipped me a replacement part. Very easy to work with on technical questions or customer service issues. – Tom B.

I recently ordered a wind deflector from LoveTheDrive. It had been damaged in transit – Mindy immediately shipped a replacement and arranged for a courier to pick up the broken one. When installed – it’s fantastic. Installation takes a few minutes, instructions are concise and correct, and the product does everything promised and more. It is well made, looks good, fits perfectly. If you have a convertible – you need one of these and is the place to get it. Our experience dealing with them simply could not have been improved in any way. Such a refreshing change to deal with people like this. – Stephen M.

I have purchased from LOVETHEDRIVE several times. The product is excellent and has extended my top down season to 12 months. Their customer service is excellent. They even tweeked mine to specifically fit my car. Joe at the Coquitlam shop was helpful and courteous. Price point a little high but It is a great product. – Ted V.

Its a great device. Wish we’d bought it a couple of years earlier. Makes driving both when its hot and cool much more comfortable.
– Wayne L.

I love the product. Works great and fit perfectly in the car!!! Totally worth getting! :-)) – Dallas I.

I can only say it is AWESOME to have a local company that provides such a great product at a fair price… The order process was better than expected, easy to follow and the delivery was almost next day.. ( it actually took two full days to arrive at our front doorstep…Installation was as described in the video and note attached… The product itself is a perfect fit for our Mustang Car and is easy to install and remove…again , just like the video says.. The quality of the product is perfect and match’s a new car in appeal and function… I would certainly recommend this company and this product to anyone, based on our experience. – Bob S.

Hi, just wanted to say this is a great product, and I get lots of inquiries about where I got it. online ordering was simple, and the product arrived with Fed Ex a few day’s later. Nice to see a Canadian Manufacturer who actually manufactures in Canada. I like the fact that they sent out information cards (like a business card) on the product that I kept in my glove compartment, and give out to people who enquire about the windscreen. – Rob G.

That little wind deflector is perfect for us. It is much better than the old plexiglass one that strapped to the back of the seats. It was a little difficult to install those metal brackets, but once I figured that out the rest was a piece of cake. The deflector lives up to its advertising. We have a much more enjoyable topless drive. The deflector can stay attached to the car without interfering with either the soft or hard top on. And when we do take the deflector off the storage cover is greatly appreciated. Best of all, we think the deflector improves the looks of our T-Bird. We really do “Love the Drive!” – Mike H.

This is an excellent product. Not only does it have a wind blocker but also is made to cover the back seat portion of my Mustang. This means we can throw light things in there like jackets, hats bags etc. If we want to haul people it is simply a matter of folding the wind blocker down and storing the unit in the trunk. It takes about 15 seconds to undo the quick connect straps. The reason it takes me 15 seconds is I walked around the back of the car to undo the 2 straps on the passenger side. I love my drive now that I have my Love the Drive wind blocker! – Dan P.

The Love the Drive windscreen is a great product. I have had several factory installed screens. None of them protected passengers from the wind like Love the Drive. I was very pleased the prompt delivery and easy installation. I well definitely order another screen for my next convertible. – Roger S.

"Hey Dan;
You were RIGHT!
My husband LOVES it!
Ok, so we took the car out yesterday, it was sunny but only 18-19 degrees, we put the top down, turned the heater up, the music up and enjoyed two hours of highway driving. We would never put the top down on the highway because of the wind on "hot" summer days. We are so happy and thankful. We want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful product. We kept looking at each other smiling and saying "What a great investment!". Best move ever!


Ordered for a 2019 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible
Arrived in time frame set out at time of order
Took longer to get out of box than it did to install
Looks amazing!!
First comment from my wife was the amount of heat retained in the cabin area- Nov 7/ 23 51F day
road noise diminished
Everything promised and more
Highly recommend