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Mustang Convertible Wind Deflector (2005 to 2014)

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Installation Video for Mustang Convertible Wind Deflector (2005 to 2014)

Product information

  • Your Mustang wind deflector will reduce wind speed by up to 75%

  • Enjoy driving with your top down earlier in the spring and later into the fall

  • Listening to music or have a conversation even at highway speeds

  • Open and close your convertible top without removing the wind deflector

  • Helping you love your convertible more & keeping you looking great

See, feel and hear why wind deflector’s are the #1 convertible accessory for Mustang convertibles!
A Mustang convertible wind deflector is an essential convertible accessory, the single most effective and unobtrusive way to reduce strong and noisy wind gusts while driving your Mustang convertible.

Instead of the wind blowing through the cabin of your car, up to 75% of the wind is diverted over the back of your convertible, so you can soak up the elements instead of being at their mercy.

Extend your Mustang convertible season: with the wind deflector redirecting the wind over the back of your convertible, you can drive with top down earlier in the Spring and later into the Fall and in more comfort throughout the top down season.

Drive in peace and quiet: Without the loud rush of wind in your ears, you’ll finally be able to listen to music and talk with passengers. The difference is dramatic, especially when travelling at highway speeds.

There are no modifications needed to your Mustang convertible and it is designed not to harm your convertible in any way

This wind deflector can stay in place when lowering or raising your Mustang convertible top or can stay in place with the top up or down. Once in place most owners never remove them.

The Mustang convertible wind deflector will fit Mustang models from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 to 2014.

This wind deflector is designed to work with the boot cover on your convertible.

Mustang convertible wind deflectors are also known as: wind screen, windscreen, windstop, wind blocker, and wind jammer.

Installation info:

Clock light Installation Time: (approx) 30 to 60 seconds

Thumbs up regular Difficulty Level: Simple installation for anyone

Will it fit my Mustang?
The Mustang convertible wind deflector will fit Mustang models from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 to 2014. This wind deflector is designed to work with the boot cover on your convertible.

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Customer Reviews

We LOVE your wind deflector for our 2006 Mustang convertible We haven’t taken it out of the car since I put it in.
Ordered on line. No previous experience with this company. Ordered a screen for my 2007 Mustang Convertible. Arrived within 4 business days. Appears to be very very well made. Installation was easily done. Truly makes the convertible driving experience far more enjoyable, hardly any wind Disturbance even on the highway. MAKES THE CAR LOOK EVEN BETTER.
Jim R.
My husband and I absolutely love our new wind deflector! We Enjoy our ride so much more now as there is a lot less wind blowing through our vehicle, which makes it so much warmer on cool nights and wearing of hats can now be optional as well, that in itself is a It also looks wonderful with our light bar, dresses the car up perfectly. Also, the customer service has been exceptional! I would recommend the wind deflector and this company to everyone who has a convertible. We love the drive!! Thank you!!!
Leona G. and Larry B.
We simply love it, we should bought it before.. can't take it off....:)
Claudine N.
Absolutely love it. Allowed me to go hatless some of the time on our 2500 mile round trip from MN to Niagara Falls this past summer.
Vicki S.
My wife is highly delighted with the deflector it works as advertised and the most important thing is it stops her hair from becoming a mess. It’s easy to install and remove.
In October we took a little 8064 km journey down the west coast along highways #1 or 101 and had our top down the entire time and thanks to our Love the Drive wind screen it was so comfortable without the wind on our neck and the noise reduced.
Great purchase with desired results.
Bruce & Arlene
The Love the Drive product exceeded our expectations. We have a 2005 Mustang and fit was perfect. The product delivery and customer service follow up was very good. The product is lightweight yet very durable and sturdy. Driving through city is a breeze as is taking it out at highways speeds. The fit and feel is something expected of any OEM product. We're extremely pleased.
Gary O
Excellent product. Easy to install. Remove it in an instant and the storage bag makes it safe to store in the trunk. Would recommend to anyone with a convertible.
Patti P.
Good morning, I have to say that your product is amazing. I had doubts before buying it but after trying it out – windows down, deflector down, deflector up, then windows up with deflector up. I have to say that I’m amazed of the difference. This is an excellent product and the shipping time was also good. Thank you!
We are very pleased with the Love of the Drive wind deflector. we have a 2005 Mustang. It eliminates quite a bit of the back draft but more importantly for me is that items can be left on the back seat of our car with no worry about them blowing out. We travel long distances and, therefore, carry quite a bit of "extras" with us. I had a question prior to ordering the deflector and we received a response very quickly. Fast service. Love the Drive!!!
Beth M.

Questions & Answers for Mustang Convertible Wind Deflector (2005 to 2014)

Will the wind deflector affect my ability to move the front seats of my 2008 Mustang all the way back?

We Design all our wind Deflectors to be use with the seats all the way back. Only if you lean your seat a long way back will the wind deflector touch the back of the front seats.

Does the wind deflector fit in the trunk?

Yes we design the wind deflector so it can be stored in the trunk when not in use and we provide a free storage bag with the wind deflectors

Will this work with the rear head rest down? I drive with the rear head rest in lowered position…will this still fit or does the head rest have to be in upright position?

The wind deflector will work with the rear head rests down. There is 1 or 2 photos showing the head rests in the down position in the photos for the 2005 to 2014 Mustang wind deflector

Can I see through my wind deflector?

Yes. Your Love The Drive™ wind deflector features a fine mesh fabric screen that leaves rear-view mirror visibility unaffected

Can I put the top up with the wind deflector in place?

Yes, you can put the top up with the wind deflector in place. Often people never take them out of the car, they just fold them down.

is this shipped from canada

We have two warehouses: one in the USA and one in Canada. If you are in the USA we ship from the USA warehouse and if you are in Canada then we ship from the warehouse in Canada

So there will be no Duty or Customs fees.

Canadian customers will have to pay GST/HST